October 9, 2008

[Talks] Superheroes: random talk

Superheroes, uh?
Let's start saying that I've tried a superhero campaign just once in my life (as GM).
It was a solo campaign (me and a single player) and was a Legione campaign.
What's Legione?
Legione was the first and only Italian superheroes RPG. (Here the lite version. Italian only)
The campaign lasted just three or four sessions (we had better things to do, when alone) but taught to me some important lessons on supers.
First of all, a lone hero is boring (and weak). Teamwork is needed to let your game shine.
PCs need to be a team a.s.a.p. or you will be splitting your attention on too many background and personal enemies.
Another great thing about teams is that most powers as not interesting per se, but only when mixed up with other powers. Synergy of powers can bring to your battlefield something great and unexpected.
Third lesson in supers games: never say no.
In my campaigns I'm a harsh GM. If you want something you have to deserve it and nothing is ever easy for PCs. In a supers campaign you want things to be easy and spectacular and exciting.
Remember that if they go too far, you can power-up you villain too (with resurrections, clones, robots or magic).
Last but not least lesson learned: get personal.
You want your PCs to hate the villains and to achieve so you have to make your players hate your villains. Use every trick at your disposal to do so. Kill their parents, torture their girlfriends (if you feel comfortable doing so, rape them), let them do all the things your players find disturbing or wrong. If you have freedom lovers players, your main villain has to be a tyrant.
Nazi villains for communist players, polluting for ecological, cannibal for vegans, filthy and perverted for religious. The opposite works to. If your players are anarchist and tolerant use a villain who's not. If they are libertine, let's rise the super-inquisition and so on.

This post is a random blabbering just for the RPG Blog Carnival. Here.


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