October 23, 2008

[D&D 4E] [Encounter] A graveyard and a hero

Here we go with the promised encounter with the Fallen. Hope you (and my players) will enjoy it.

A feedback will be really appreciated. Really. Don't be timid, guys!

A graveyard and a hero
Encounter Level 2+ (250+ XP)

“The answer you seek will be shown to you at the dawn, on the shield of a fallen hero”

At the dawn the PCs arrive at the gates of a little, forgotten graveyard, searching for a clue to find the “soil of the moon”. Here they will be attacked by an undead warrior and his minions.
The number of enemies depends greatly on the actions of the PCs.
1 Fallen
n Rotten Corpse (see the encounter description for details)

As the characters began the encounter read:
The sun has just appeared on the horizon and a thick fog engulf your feet when you approach the graveyard. The tombs are disposed in regular lines, but obviously forgotten and unkempt. A little pebble trail leads you a statue of a warrior clenched in armor, standing on top of a pedestal. The big shield he’s wielding cover half of his body, while the other arm holds a battleaxe, raised toward the sky.

The graveyard is totally uninteresting. The tombs are normal tombs of people dead long time ago. The only point of interest is the statue.

If the players approach the statue read:
Now that you are closer, you notice that the shield is covered with a grey moss, sparkling in the dawn’s light. While the sun is rising, the sparkling starts to fade and the moss, slowly disappear.

If the players touch the statue read:
The statue and the pedestal explodes in a cloud of small pebble. When the dust sets an undead warrior stands beside you, the mouth open in a silent shout.

The Fallen engages the mightiest looking PCs while the spawned minions take care of the others. If he has no melee opponent, he charges in the middle of the highest number of players he can, to take the best advantage of his Dark Burst power. A good tactic can be to charge an enemy, stun it an than pushing it between Rotten Carcasses. A Rotten Carcass moves at max speed toward the nearest PC and try to eat his brain.

The fallen (1)
The Rotten Carcass and the Upper Rotten Carcass (as needed)


Features of the Area
Illumination: Bright light. No penalties
Main Terrain: The terrain is mostly a pebble road and a grass. No penalties
Tombs: Every tomb contain a carcass. When the carcass has spawned, the tomb squares becomes difficult terrain.
Reward: The fallen have a Battleaxe of bleeding +1

Battleaxe of Bleeding +1

Level 1

The shiny blade of this axe is very sharp.

Lvl 4 +1 840 gp
Weapon: Battleaxe

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls.
Critical: +1d6 damage

Power (Daily): Free action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target takes 5 ongoing damage (save ends).

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