September 10, 2008

[D&D 4E] [Monsters] Mech-a-Kobold

Hi to everyone! Back from my holidays I'm ready to finish the kobold series (3 to go!). We have met all the standard troops. Now it's time for the elite one.

A Mech-a-kobold is a mix of traps and mechanisms made of wood and iron somehow shaped like a big humanoid. Inside a very small and thin kobold controls it with levers and ropes.

In metagaming terms is a wooden, low-technology mech (never heard of something called Mechwarrior?). Yeah, this sounds crazy, but try to think of the faces of you players when they see him for the first time.

Mech-a-KoboldLevel 5 Elite Soldier
Large Natural HumanoidXP 400
Initiative +6Senses Perception +4; darkvision
HP 132; Bloodied 66
AC 23; Fortitude 20, Reflex 17, Will 19
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Jump (Move; at-will)
The mech-a-kobold can teleport 4 squares.
c Hammer smash (Standard; recharge 56)
Blast 3; +10 vs. Fort.; 3d6+4 damage and the target is stunned (save ends)
m Throw (Minor; at-will)
Grabbed target only; 1d10+4 damages and the target is pushed 5 squares
m Claw (Standard; at-will)
+12 vs. AC; the target is grabbed (until escapes)The mech-a-kobold cannot make claw attacks whilegrabbing a creature, but it can use the hammer smash.
M Kick (Standard; at-will)
Reach2; +12 vs. AC; 1d10+4 damages
Alignment EvilLanguages
Str 18 (+6)Dex 15 (+4)Wis 15 (+4)
Con 18 (+6)Int 15 (+4)Cha 15 (+4)

Crappy artwork by me


  1. Teleporting mecha scare the shit out of me...

  2. The power name: "Jump" is a hint of how it works... ^_^

  3. Still acts as teleport...

    Also, I definitely saw this one coming...either mech or battlesuit...