September 23, 2008

[D&D 4E] [Monsters] Mangy wolf

I needed a low level wolf to make road travel a little more dangerous.
Here we go:

Mangy wolf; Level 2 skirmisher {XP 125}
Medium natural beast
A starving wolf, looking at you like the Christman buffet.
Initiative:+5; Senses: Perception +7; low-light vision
HP: 37; Bloodied: 18
AC: 16; Fortitude: 14; Reflex: 13; Will: 12
Speed: 8
Bite (Standard; at-will)
Although clearly weakened by the hunger, his bite is still pretty strong
+6 vs. AC; 1d4+3 damage.
After biting you they try to bring you down
If two mangy wolves are flanking an enemy and both their bite attacks hit, the enemy is also knocked prone at the end of the second attack
Now there's nothing between your neck and their teeth.
A mangy wolf deals +1d4 damages against an enemy who was prone at the start of the mangy wolf’s turn.
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: -
Equipment: -

The art is provided by Crystalthespaz.
Here his DeviantArt page

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  1. Absolutely love this. The world needs more wolves, says Greywulf.

  2. Thanks. Hope you don't mind if they are starving!