September 19, 2008

[4E] [Rules] Mage's familiar

This is a rewrite of my mage's familiar rule from the 3.7 experiment, just for the Blog Carnival.
Here the details.

A familiar is the soul of a small creature stored in an energy body shaped like the creature's old form.

Any tiny creature can become a mage's familiar. The familiar is "stored" inside the caster's body and can be taken out at will.
Summoning or dismissing a familiar is a free action, but if summoned in combat the familiar can act only the next time the caster can act, with the caster’s initiative.
When summoning a familiar the caster must give some of his hit points to the familiar, with the minimum of 2HP/caster's level.

Until the familiar is dismissed the caster's maximum hit points is lowered of the same amount of the Hit Points given to the familiar. When dismissed the maximum hit points of the caster goes back to the previous value.

When dismissing a familiar, the caster is not healed in any way, just the maximum hit points value increases, not the actual value. If a familiar dies, the caster does not regain his maximum hit points value until the next dawn. He can summon the familiar again, paying another time the HP cost although.
In any given moment a caster cannot have more than one familiar summoned.

The caster can command the familiar with his will, using free actions, but cannot see with the familiar' eyes or feel what the familiar feels.
The caster can cast through the familiar any close spell, but to do so he must have the familiar in line of sight. Once the spell is cast the familiar can abandon the line of sight. (e.g. to follow an enemy)

Familiars have the same attack bonus as the caster and AC of 10 + half of the caster's level + the caster's INT bonus.

All familiars have a base land movement of 6 squares.
Every familiar type has a special ability that he can use freely like a normal creature.
Bird: Fly
6 squares.
Cat: Half of the caster's level + the caster's INT bonus ranks in Stealth skill
Fish: Swim
6 squares.
Spider/lizard: Climb 6 squares.

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