August 6, 2008

RPG Bloggers Network: I'm part of it!

This is an RPG blog and you are here for the RPGs, so I'll try to keep the site news short and under a single post. (Thanks. U R welcome.)

First of all, we (we like in me and the blog) are proud members of the RPG Bloggers Network.
If you don't believe me, see the big logo just down there.

The RPG Bloggers Network is a network of RPG blogs (ok, that was easy). Basically is where you have to go if you want something intresting and RPG-related to read.
We are friendly and have low standards. If's not like this how could you explain they accepted ME?

Second news incoming: Last days I've added a link column (now useless thanks to the Network above).

Third news: The blog have now stats.

Fourth news: On the left column there's also a feed from the RPG Bloggers Network.
I've already said I'm part of it?

Fifth news: The RPG Bloggers Network is 2 days old and has already gone down for high traffic. I'm speechless.

Sixth news: Clkolbe is working on the illustrations of my latest creations.

Seventh news: I'm working on the Kobold's PDF. The Kobold's PDF (named temporary "Creatures Revamped: Kobolds") will be full of new cool stuff.

Eight news: I've made a logo: . Feel free to use it to link me.

I'm out of news.

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