August 15, 2008

[Monsters] The kobold parade!

When I started a kobold thread on WotC and Enworld forum I was expecting a lot of criticism. I have a peculiar style of play and I like my encounters to be memorable. 3.5 worked against me in that. 4E is now working with me.

Kobolds in 4E have 2 main themes: traps and dragons.,I've choose to focus on traps aspect and imagined that, considered that kobolds aren't crafty gnomes, they do not make themselves the traps they use. Instead they twist and hack existing traps of the ruins they inhabit. The next step was to imagine a specialized type of kobold, called Kobold Engineer, who is an expert in taking out of the walls traps, putting "handles" and controlling devices on them and giving them to other kobolds (stat for this yet to come).

Where was I? Yeah, the forum's thread.
In the forum treads two thing happened.
First of all, a lot of people loved the kobolds and this make me happy. More than this, a lot of them asked for a PDF version of it. So I put myself at work and now I'm preparing a nice document with a lot more info and some monster variant.
I think this will be ready for the end of September/the beginning of October, 'cause I want it to be really good.
That's not true.
I want it to be exactly how I wanted to be if I had to buy it from RPGnow. (that sentence just came out horribly wrong...)

The second thing happened is that a nice artist, clkolbe, have kindly offered himself to illustrate the kobolds for me.
The feeling you have when someone offers to make a drawing of something that's in your head is half bad and half good.
And if he's not good at it?
And if I don't like the illustrations?
And if he does not understand the idea I have?
(dramatic pause)
I'm an evil guy but, in real life, evil guys gets lucky (and gets the girls).
The illustrations clkolbe made for me turned out gorgeous!
He even figured how to work out some problems I have ignored all time long.
They reminds me some Mignola stuff and I love Mignola.

What's all this blubbering about?
It's just to justify a kobold gallery you are about to watch just after my words. For full sized pictures you can go to clkolbe's deviant art gallery: here.
If you go there, please leave him a comment (saying how much you like the kobolds obviously). He will be delighted, I'm sure.

Now, I stop chatting and leave kobolds talk for me.
Click the image to go to the kobold's stat box (with medium sized illustrations).

Kobold Fireguy

Kobold Nailer

Kobold Chainsawer

Kobold Harpooneer

Kobold Gluer

Kobold Shock Trooper

Kobold Mechanic



Future plans include 3 more kobolds.
You are not prepared!


  1. Kobold love!

    One nitpick off-the-bat:
    1. How come the Glue Spreader gets restrained the rest of the encounter (no save)? Seems a bit too much of a drawback to me.

  2. I like the pictures!

    (I can't comment on Deviantart because I can't register "due to severe abuse issues from your IP" -- ugh)

  3. In the final version (the PDF! the PDF!) this will work slightly differently.

    Once destroyed the glue spreader although the kobold is pretty useless and I prefer to let him die fast. ^_^