August 6, 2008

[D&D 4E][Rules] Action points

Action points... action points... what to do with you?

  • The Rules as Written (RaW) [cit.] says that you can spend an action point to to an extra action.
  • Scott says his players can use them to put on the storyteller's hat for a few seconds.
  • Chatty DM says his players can spend them to bend a little the rules.
I'll add my simple mechanic.
  • A player can spend an action point before a dice roll to roll the double of dices and choose half of them to keep and half of them to drop.
    The PC can chose the dices he likes, not only the higher ones, so this feature can be also used to do the fewer damage possible, if it's the case.
In my games I'll keep also the Scott and Chatty's rules, BTW.

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